Power Apps by Microsoft

Unite teams, improve processes, remove friction and solve challenges with our implementation of Microsoft’s Power Apps.

The perfect solution for agile teams who are keen to grasp opportunities quickly and beat the competition.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of app designs, connectors and services offering users a low-code approach to business applications.

Power Apps enables your team to jump on ideas and opportunities quickly, without the time, complexity, buy-in required and cost of completely bespoke software. It gives your team the power to action the right improvements, and instigate the changes that have the most impact.

As a team of experienced Microsoft developers, we simplify the process further by ensuring your app or apps are set-up correctly and utilise all features to their greatest effect. Meaning apps can easily be honed and scaled to become enterprise, or customer-facing solutions. Making the whole process from idea to application painless, extremely quick and right first time. Leaving your team to focus on their areas of speciality.

It’s a headache-free, low-risk introduction to business applications, or a great way to trial new apps.

Why Power Apps?

Power Apps can help you solve complex process issues, reduce wasted admin time and improve the user’s experience whether this is an internal user or a customer. It also puts power back in the hands of teams, so real change can occur.

With our implementation of Power Apps, you’ll gain:

More agile teams
Smoother, frictionless processes and workflows
Ability to jump on opportunities quickly
Low-risk trials of new processes and ideas
Cost effective route to building an app from scratch, or from a proven template
On-going support so your app grows with you

We work with you to ensure your app works how you want it to and supports your wider workflows.

We also offer on-going support so if you change tack or want new features or even a new app, we’re here to help. Increasing the longevity of your app suite, further limiting risk and removing any boundaries to continually getting the tools you need.

We’ll also work with your teams to increase their knowledge and whet their appetite for the possibilities and positive changes an app could bring to their area or department. Creating change agents across your business.

How We’ll Deliver Your Power Apps Project

We follow four key steps when delivering your project. Following these steps means you always know when your app will be delivered and costs upfront, keeping the process simple and transparent. We often find customers are pleasantly surprised by how smooth the process is, and how quickly they get their app(s).



One of the key benefits of using ACS to deliver your app is we bring best practise experience. We’ve been building apps for fifteen years and have seen what works, and what often doesn’t. We’ll work with you in step one, to understand what you’re trying to achieve and why. Together, we’ll formalise goals and/or KPI’s that you can later hold us accountable to. So rather than simply follow instruction, we share our hardearned advice on what we think you should do with proven examples of why. And you can accurately measure success once we’re done.


Quote, scope and timescales

We’ll share a scope doc, quote (including Microsoft licence fees) and timescales for the project - to be agreed by all key stakeholders. No surprises, complete transparency from the start.


Develop you app

Exactly as the title suggests, we’ll develop your app. Simple as that, or perhaps not; depending on the complexity of your requirements, this may be done in stages with approval milestones and testing built into the plan. Or it may be as simple as we go away and build it, showing you once we’re done.



We’ll hang around and check how your app is getting on out in the wild. It may be that requirements change slightly once you’re actually using it, or you may want to add to it. Either way, we’ll help.

So if your business is crying out to be simplified. Perhaps, there’s an area that’s always causing friction or your teams aren’t agile or collaborative enough? Then ask yourself, what you’re missing out on by not using Power Apps, and what the delay is costing you.

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