Power BI by Microsoft

Unite disparate systems to gain a deeper understanding of your business through joined-up, live and visual reporting. Enabling you to monitor the day-to-day, whilst steering towards your most lucrative customers and opportunities. All set-up and ready to go in weeks not months.

Complications With Traditional Reporting

If you use multiple systems within your business, it’s hard to interpret the data within each separate system to get meaningful information overall. Often the only solution is to spend hours manually transferring data from different systems into a master spreadsheet, all the while hoping the spreadsheets follow the same structure so the figures aren’t skewed and that there’s no manual errors. This is an unnecessary admin cost and a risk to your business. In order to make business-critical decisions, you need to be able to pull off reports in an instant and to know that what you’re seeing is factual.

Power BI by Microsoft is the solution

Power BI by Microsoft is a business analytics tool which can provide you with deep, cross-system reporting, in an interactive and visually-appealing way. We’re a team of experienced Microsoft developers who can integrate Power BI into your business quickly and with reasonable cost you gain:

Instant, factual, reports
The integration of disparate systems
Easy-to-digest, meaningful visual displays
Your own personalised dashboard view
Information on previously hidden trends, opportunities and issues
The opportunity to identify lost revenue and focus on your most lucrative clients.
Customer behaviour information for informed UX
A benchmark against the industry
On-going support

With our on-going support, we make sure you always get the most from your reporting. You’ll be confident your reports are running smoothly and we’ll help onboard new team members and activate and set-up their individual dashboard views.

How we deliver your Power BI Project

There are seven key steps to delivering your project. We often find that people are surprised by just how quickly their new reporting can be achieved.



Before we do anything, we will take you through a demonstration that will highlight, in a nutshell, what Power BI can do for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to see the attractive dashboard and report views brought to life.


Workshop and Consultancy

Every business is unique and you will have very different reporting requirements and challenges to others, as well as a different complexity of systems to unite. So we run a workshop with your key stakeholders to understand your business environment. During this, we establish what systems you have in place, the reporting mechanisms you’re currently using and the processes you follow. We’ll then address your goals - whether these are related to process optimisation, unlocking new revenue opportunities or something else entirely, and look at your current challenges in achieving these.

From here, we can then advise you on how best to achieve the reporting you need, whilst highlighting new opportunities that will laminate areas within your business.

This workshop is complimentary. After this we will understand the complexity of what you need and can offer a fixed cost for the project.


Collecting the Data

Now we’re ready to get started. We’ll collect the data from your various data sources, often referred to as “data mining.” We can collect data in whatever form you have it in, most likely a combination of databases, JSON feeds, XML feeds, spreadsheets and more. Don’t worry, if you have it, we can mine it.


Preparing the Data

Next we quality asses your data. This step is crucial, we’ll look at what needs removing or cleaning-up and what’s potentially inaccurate. This process means your data is structured and there won’t be any issues with skewed results, something you may be suffering from with your current reporting.


Analysing & Visualising the Data

We’ve done our homework, we’ve got your data, now we’re ready to produce your dashboards and reports. We use advanced business intelligence tools from Microsoft to analyse your data and to produce analytical algorithms, which form your reports, dashboards and views.


Deployment and Validation

The reports and dashboards that we’ve produced for you are now embedded into your business, and you’re ready to go. You can now start enjoying insights that will ultimately help you make more informed business decisions to hit the goals identified in your workshop.



Once deployed, we’ll stick around to ensure you meet your goals and to monitor the performance of your algorithms, develop new dashboards and reports as you need them and to answer any questions. We can also help onboard new team members to Power BI.

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