Project Recovery

Saving your from project meltdown.

Suddenly you find yourself in a difficult situation. Your software project is not going according to plan. You are now several months behind and your existing supplier tells you that they are really struggling to complete the work. You have customers waiting for the software to be released. What do you do?

Well, that is where we step in. We can help you recover from total project meltdown.

We do this through the following process:

  1. An initial meeting to discuss with you what has gone wrong, where the project is up to, where you need to get to and by when.
  2. We will do a review of the code that has already been written and come back to you with a proposal as to how to move forwards.
  3. On acceptance of the proposal we will carry out the work in fortnightly agile based sprints, keeping you informed all the way of the projects progress.
  4. The project is signed off and released. At this point we enter into an optional support and maintenance agreement with yourselves.
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