Our Process

At ACS we will typically work with you in the following way.

Discussing your needs

1. Discussing your needs

To start with we will gain a detailed understanding of your business and vision. We will not only listen to your ideas and how your existing processes work, but challenge you constructively where appropriate to ensure that solution will be right for you.

Project proposal

2. Project proposal

Once we are happy that we have acquired enough knowledge from you we will create a formal proposal. This proposal will provide you with a fixed price and time scales for the design and prototyping, combined with estimated costs and timescales for the development of the solution.

Design and rapid prototyping

3. Design and rapid prototyping

On acceptance of our project proposal we will work closely with you through meetings and workshops that can either be held at one of our offices or at your own offices to design the desired solution for you. In addition to this, we will build a prototype using rapid prototyping techniques so that you can be confident that the development phase will deliver you the right solution.

Creation of your roadmap

4. Creation of your roadmap

Once the solution has been designed, we will work with you to plan out the development road map. Where possible we can work to design a road map that enables you to start using several features part way through the project so that you can see the benefits to your business early on.


5. Development

We work in an Agile manner, using efficient fortnightly sprints to develop the solution in an iterative way. During each fortnightly sprint new functionality is developed, tested and released to you. By following this agile method, you are able to easily monitor the progress of the project and be confident that right solution is being created. Additionally, it means that any changes required can be incorporated easier as the phase progresses.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

6. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

At the end of the development phase you will be able to carry out your own final testing (user acceptance testing) before the system goes live. If your system is being released live in phases then you will be able to carry out your testing before each version goes live.

Support and maintenance

7. Support and maintenance

We like to make sure you are supported throughout the lifetime of your software so once the solution has been released, we provide you with ongoing support and maintenance in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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