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Everwell are one of the UK’s leading provider of flexible occupational health services. They work with enterprise and SME business, as well as a number of specialists, across the UK to offer health assessments and referrals.

We’ve been privileged to worked with them for a number of years and we can say with confidence that, like many health-related companies, it’s not an easy or simple business to run. They have tens of thousands of customers, a similar number of referrals and busy specialists to oversea. They also deal with private health records, so they have contractual and ethical obligations regarding data. It’s a mammoth task.

When they approached us, they were finding it difficult to use the vast amounts of data available within their organisation, to step back and gain an honest view on exactly what what going on and where improvements could be made.

"We’re very happy with the software we have in place. Our systems perfectly support our processes, ensuring we make things as simple as possible for patients, employers and specialists. We’ve spent a long time refining this. In fact, we’ve been so focused on getting the software right that we’ve never really stopped to consider reporting until relatively recently, when we realised we’ve been spending too much precious time and resource piecing information together from across systems to get a picture of what’s going on. It’s a timely, painful process and we’re not always confident in the figures, so it became clear that we needed to get the information quicker, and to have complete trust in it’s accuracy. Kevin Harding (Director)

Being the progressive company they are with the mission to “make a difference”, Everwell wanted better ways to manage their data, to make improvements that would benefit their customers. They wanted an accurate, timely and painless way to use their data to learn crucial performance indicators, such as how may customers were waiting for their referral and how long the average referral takes. Everwell have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with every customer, they need to be able to prove that these are being met.

They also wanted deeper details to identify and plug any customer frustrations, such as points of delay. Everwell understand that putting your customer’s needs at the heart of your business is the cornerstone to success but to do this effectively, you need an honest picture of the current landscape.

Everwell’s aim was to use their data to continually improve wait times and provide a better experience for their customers, whist making their business simpler to run.

To give Everwell the clarity they required, we spoke to them about powerful data analytics software, Microsoft Power BI. They were rightly comforted by the Microsoft name - due to the sensitivity of their data, any software they use has to be secure, protected and trusted.

Now Everwell are using Microsoft Power BI, they have meaningful information relating to referrals at their fingertips. They enjoy visual displays and pre-set, instantly accessible reports so they can check progress as frequently as they like. We pre-cleansed their data so they know what they’re seeing in their reports is accurate and not skewed from being gleaned across multiple sources and systems, it’s all black and white so they always have an honest view on whether or not they’re on track.

They can see whether referral numbers are increasing or decreasing, a key performance indicator for their business. They can drill down and see referrals to particular hospital, specialists, client or department and assess which area’s are performing best and where issues or bottlenecks are forming. All this helps them monitor and effectively manage their SLA’s.

"Having Microsoft Power BI running, and having it set-up the way it has been, by ACS has been illuminating. All this information we’ve gained, at our fingertips, has given us confidence in so many areas. We’re able to step back and see our business in front of us, we know what to tweak, what’s working brilliantly and the whole team are able to make important decisions quickly, with confidence that it’s the right call. To gain all this, and not have to touch our existing systems has been a fantastic move. And working with ACS for the implementation and on-going support has given us confidence in the numbers, we know it’s been set-up robustly and will grow with us as we want more reporting" Kevin Harding (Director)

Decisions can be made quickly and they can try new approaches and review the results in real time. They can also identify and plug risks and issues.

Microsoft Power BI is also flexible. With our on-going support, new reports can be set-up if and when they’re needed so their reporting will grow with them.

All-in-all they’ve gained analytics insights that are changing how they evaluate and improve customer experience, as well as reducing complications and process waste internally. All this has enabled them to improve and future-proof their business, with the customer truly at the heart of all decisions.

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