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The Challenge

The Everwell organisation was growing rapidly, which mean business was booming. However, they had no dedicated system in place for dealing with referrals and health assessments for their clients. Clients were typically communicating through emails and phone calls with documents taking time to create and referrals being tracked using spread sheets. As a result, Everwell were hiring more and more administrators to help grow their business. They therefore came to us to help them streamline their business process and to facility better communication between them and their customers.

The sensitivity of their data is a huge concern for them as it contains medical records for tens of thousands of individuals across the UK. This means that there are complex rules around who can see a person’s data, when it should be deleted, amongst a host of other data protection related issues.

The Solution

We developed a bespoke customer web portal for Everwell, which allows their clients to easily send through referrals digitally. These referrals are then dealt with through the same system by administrators and clinicians. Clinicians can write up their reports in a powerful word like experience, meaning the quality of the reports is second to none. Employees who have been referred by their employers are able to review the reports before their employers and even choose not to le their employer view them. Referral reports can even be restricted to specific managers.

On top of all that health assessments such as pre-placement questionnaires can be easily completed by client’s employees and prospective employees. Again, with a consent place in place.

The system is hosted on AWS so that it benefits from the infrastructure and security AWS provides.

The Result

Everwell’s clients love their system and the fact that they have peace of mind that their highly sensitive data is secure.

The system has dramatically reduced the workload on their administrators allowing Everwell to scale up the business at an increased rate.

See what Everwell have gained with Microsoft Power BI

Technologies Used

Microsoft .net Framework
Microsoft .net MVC
Microsoft SQL Server
Telerik UI for ASP.net MVC
Google Maps
Amazon Web Services

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