Our Team

At ACS we have a highly skilled team of individuals who are experts in their fields.

Craig Morrall

Company Director

Craig setup ACS after an early career as a server-side software developer. Craig has 16 years of accumulated technical knowledge and expertise. He has an exceptional background in the design and development of highly complex software systems including the development of the platform which was used for the number one iPhone game 'Angry Birds' and which supported 65 million users worldwide. Craig has developed a number of other systems that are now considered to be the leaders within their relevant industry sectors.

Chris Morrall

Company Director

Prior to joining ACS Chris spent several years working as a server-side software developer. He has built up an outstanding reputation of delivering expert technical solutions. He worked with Craig on the development of the platform which supported the launch of 'Angry Birds'.

John Lyon

Company Director

John has been involved with fast growing technology businesses throughout the last 30 years and has served on the boards of private and public companies both in the UK and the US. John is a chartered accountant.

Jonathan Meadows

Power BI Consultant

Jonathan has been working in Sales for in excess of 10 years during which time he has consistently exceeded his sales targets at every company he has worked for. He has wide experience of selling software and IT solutions enterprise wide and at senior level.

Jonathan has extensive knowledge of complex and lengthy sales cycles and always puts the customer interest at the forefront of his mind. Adding value to his customers is key for Jonathan and he always goes the extra mile to make sure all parties are happy.

Nicholas Tindall

Software Developer

Nicholas has a 1st class degree in software development. He is a highly motivated individual and has carried out development work on industry leading software for PCS Asbestos and Everwell Occupational Health.

Paresh Amin

Software Developer

Paresh has had 22 years experience working for IBM before joining us. At IBM his career spanned several software related roles from software development to database and application support. At IBM he worked on projects for large corporations including Barclays and AstraZeneca.

Gabor Tolgyesi

Junior Software Developer

Gabor is passionate about what he does and has a natural ability when it comes to software development. He is a very keen individual and always strives to better himself.

Simon O'Keefe

Graphic Designer

Simon has worked on the design for a number of industry leading software systems, including miProgram, which is the number one inventory software for the lettings industry in the UK and PCS Asbestos' Risk Manager software, which has been the key resource in enabling PCS Asbestos to secure FTSE 100 clients.

Jessica Lyon

Digital Marketing

Jess is working part-time at ACS in a communications role; running social media platforms and a blog about topical developments in IT. Full-time, Jess is a masters student at King's College London studying an MSc in Climate Change and looking to pursue a career in environmental consulting.

Holly Martin


Holly is working part-time at ACS in an administration role; this involves general office management, record management, overseeing operations within the company, co-ordinating with management and engaging in planning according to the needs of the company. Holly also manages employee relations, human resources and training.

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