Dance Picker Mobile App

The Brain child of Graham Jarvis, who arranged and editied music for Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing.

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The Challenge

Graham Jarvis had worked on Strictly Come Dancing and was working with Dancing Stars. Each week Graham would have the task of selecting songs that were appropriate for the style of dance that contestants would be required to dance to. Most of the time the shows would want to utilise songs that were in the charts so that they were more relevant to the audience. This sounds like an easy task, but it is more difficult that it sounds. It turns out that each song can only be danced to in certain dance styles. This meant that Graham would have to listen to a track and work out what dances could be done to it. He would then have two other dancing professionals listen to the track and confirm the appropriate dance styles that would work. Over time this meant that Graham had built up a huge library of tracks and relevant dance styles. From this Graham realise that he could design a mobile app that anyone could use that would allow them to find a track for a dance style and a dance style for a specific track. The difficulty was in putting this together in an easy to use way with a search algorithm that would work in a split second.

The Solution

A mobile app was developed for both Android and iPhone devices. The app has several search filters, which allows dancers to quickly find the appropriate track or dance style. If they have never heard a track before they can listen to a preview as the app has been integrated into iTunes and other technologies. Additionally, there is a unique temp picker feature that allows you to work out what style of dance you can do to what tempo. From there you can filter on tracks that work with those styles and tempos.

The Result

The app is unique in its functionality and has impressed professional dancers, including celebrities that have appeared on the TV shows that Graham has been involved with. It can even be used by dance schools to help train students.

What DancePickers Users Say

"Thank u DancePicker the app is brilliant. Easy to use, so helpful to be able to change tempo" Camilla Dallerup (Head Judge - Dancing With The Stars)
"If you have finished work, school or just chilling then go download the new app from DancePicker it’s great you will love it." Neil Jones (World/European/British Champion, Choreographer/Pro Dancer)

Technologies Used

Microsoft .net Framework
Microsoft .net MVC
Objective C
Microsoft SQL Server
Telerik UI for MVC
Amazon Web Services

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