One in four adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year in the UK. This ranges from anxiety and depression to alcohol dependence, substance misuse and psychosis.

It is important that people look after their mental health and wellbeing just like they do their physical health. Though not a replacement for professional and medical help, we will discuss some apps that can improve or manage your mental well-being. You don’t need to be struggling with mental health issues either to find these apps useful. Everyone deals with stress in their lives and this can also be helped via these apps.


Headspace is a popular meditation and mindfulness app, with an easy to use and colourful, infographic interface. The app contains hundreds of themed sessions, information and guidance on meditation, stress, sleep, focus and anxiety. The app is free to download and provides free sessions to guide you in meditation. To unlock more sessions and content you need to buy a subscription ranging from £5.99 to £14.99 depending which plan you go for. The subscription allows you do have guided meditation each day and provides you with more expert guidance and information.


This is another app that can help guide you in meditation but that also calms your mind and provides “sleep stories” to help you relax into a good night’s sleep. It also includes voice free relaxing music and images that can help chill you out or guide you into a deep slumber. The app offers a free trial for 7 days and then after costs £37.99 a year unlocking daily content, 100+ guided meditation, more sleep stories and music tracks, and a monthly masterclass.


Daylio is a mobile diary and mood tracker that allows you to keep a private journal of your activities and mood without having to type! It uses emoticons to track your activities and mood and can provide you with interesting reports such as your monthly mood or activity count. Using the app as a mood and activity tracker, it helps you process your emotions and reveal emotional patterns as well as the new goals function allowing you to track your progress. The app is free to use as well as a premium option for a one of payment of £5.99 which allows for improved customisation.

Better Help

Better help is a counselling and therapy service that uses professional licenced therapist online and through the app. The app allows you to have 24/7 private therapy at your fingertips for whenever you need it. There are over 750 counsellors on board with the app and if you do not like the therapist you have been assigned it is simple and easy to change. Like many things it offers you a free 7 day trial, but after that you need to pay a subscription for the counselling service. The subscription varies depending on the service you seek but ranges from around £25 — £50 a week, which is a steep price for an app! However, individual private sessions can normally cost you more than that per hour, so you are saving money on this service and unlike the other apps this service provides you with professional help to improve your mental health.


Is a new and unique therapy app to help beat depression, anxiety and panic. The twist is, the therapist is an Artificial Intelligent assistant. The app initiates conversations with you asking about your day and records your responses. Youper then uses the AI technology to build a conversation around your response with the aim to help improve your mood, overcome stress and provide therapy and council for you. Your responses overtime helps the app build a record of your mental health and allow you to understand more about your behaviour. The AI incorporates various therapy techniques such as cognitive behavioural (CBT), acceptance and commitment (ACT) and mindfulness and meditation. Though the therapist at the other end isn’t a human operator the team is led by a psychiatrist DR. Jose Hamilton. The app is free to use but offers more content with in app purchases.

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