Result day is a month away and soon you’ll be making your journey to University. To make Uni life easier we’ve looked at some of the top apps to save you.


The best one stop shop, for all your student discounts. Free to join and use, all you need to do is log in with your Uni details to have access to a wide range of student discounts from clothes, food, gym memberships and Spotify. As well as the regular 10% discounts the app keeps you updated with the extra ‘Limited time only’ offers provided online.


Notebloc allows you to capture all your pen and paper notes into an easy to read digital format, either JPG or PDF, that can be stored on your phone. Using your phone camera, you take a picture of your notes. The app then makes it an easy to read format, by taking out any traces of shade in your photo and converts it into simple white background and ink. Notebloc allows you to group certain notes, reorder and label pages. A helpful app for organising those lecture notes you took on scruffy scrap pieces of paper.


Any.do is a colourful and sleek app that allows you to organise your life all in one place. One of the most useful features in this app is the ability to set a to do -list, by adding tasks which you can set time frames, remainders, notes and subtasks for. You’re able to also able to share your tasks with people that are involved and need reminded. You can sync your phones current calendar to the app, so you can keep up with any important dates. It’s a great way to keep on top of tasks and deadlines.


Did you make rough ‘brainstorms’ or ‘mind maps’ when you were at school? Well, Mindly is a great app that has taken mind mapping into the digital realm. Great for the visual learner, Mindly allows you to create a hierarchy of elements, attach notes or an image to any icon or ‘bubble’ and colour coordinate your ideas. Whether you’re planning a research project, collecting thoughts on your dissertation or revising for an exam, Mindly is a great way to organise your thoughts.

Your Uni Ap

This isn’t a specific app but just a heads up that nearly all Uni’s how have their own app that is a life saver in getting by. They will usually include your own personal timetable of your lectures and seminars, maps to find your way around campus, library tools that can assist in borrowing and renewing your books and other additional features such as online learning or even software packages like Office 365. I highly advise that anyone going to Uni downloads their Uni app.

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